What does 'Hungry in Love' mean?

Like Beyonce said, but not tipsy.


Will these recipes work if I make them in my kitchen?

I sure hope so! I am not a chef or a professional recipe developer; I write each recipe to reflect as accurately as possible the steps I took to execute a particular dish. Generally, unless I'm baking or making something that requires technicality or precision, I tend to ballpark it. That is, I more often use recipes as a source of inspiration than as a steadfast guide. The recipes on this site are derived from that approach and I hope you'll take them and do the same. Substitute, omit, add, doctor, fiddle. This is when good things happen.  


Who takes the Photos?

My husband and I take all the photos that appear on this site. This is new territory for us both but so far it hasn't been too scary and we're learning something new each day!


how can I get my Paws on some of the less Common ingredients I see here?

We are blessed to live in the golden age of internet-order-direct-to-your-door-specialty-food delivery. For cheeses, spices, and other wordly goodies to make your pantry fancy, shop Formaggio Kitchen's mail order at www.formaggiokitchen.com. For everything else Amazon is my trusty go-to.